Composers' Workshop


Ensemble Schwerpunkt offers a workshop for composers who wish to write for brass quintet. The objectives of this workshop are to familiarize composers with the potential and parameters of each individual brass instrument, to show how they function within the ensemble, and to suggest solutions for clear and accurate notation.


As a supplementary companion to the workshop, Ensemble Schwerpunkt has produced a catalogue ( Example1 Example2 Example3 ) on composing for brass, that refers to and reproduces examples taken from exsisting literature.


The workshop is comprised of one to three separate sessions:


Session 1:   A three hour clinic with a brief history ​of ​and excerpts from both classical and contemporary brass quintet literature, and demonstrations of basic characteristics ​through to the latest​ extended techniques of each of the four instruments. This clinic should give the composers new ideas as to what is possible and/or practical.


Session 2:   Playing of the prepared sketches with comments and suggestions on the written material.


Session 3:   A concert with the completed pieces.






Ensemble Schwerpunkt working with the composition class of Rebecca Saunders and Oliver Schneller at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover in June, 2014.



For the complete catalogue or inquiries about the workshop, please contact us.

Ensemble Schwerpunkt working with the composition class of Dieter Ammann at the Hochschule in Luzern in April, 2013.