Past Concerts



July 8th at 19:00

Metal at the Crossroads

Ensemble Schwerpunkt takes a journey exploring both the heritage of contemporary brass music as well as newer music, i.a. the premiere of Ville Raasakka's "Du trüber nebel hüllst mir" for brass quintet and tape. Solo pieces played by Mikael Rudolfsson on trombone and Matthew Brown on trumpet will bring nice small interludes to the concert.

Viitasaari Church, Viitasaari, Finland


July 5th at 19:00

 Opening concert: European Archeology

Ensemble Schwerpunkt plays music by two of the big composers of contemporary musc, Iannis Xenakis and Anders Hillborg. Jonathan Harvey's Ricerace una Melodia for solo trumpet and electronics will also be performed by Matthew Sadler in this concert.

Viitasaari Church, Viitasaari, Finland


June 8th at 19:00

Chortage Hannover 2016

Ensemble Schwerpunkt returns to its home and founding city Hannover, to take part at the Chortage Hannover 2016. Opening concert of the festival in co-operation with the Mädchenchor Hannover. 

Works by Luciano Berio and John Dowland


Galerie Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany


May 4th at 20:00

Musik 21 im NDR

"Der Globus als Klangkörper" - Five pieces from the five native countries of Ensemble Schwerpunkt's members.

Premiere of new piece for prepared brass quintet by Ansgar Beste founded by Arts Council Norway


Kleiner Sendesaal in NDR in Hannover, Germany


April 8th at 20:00

ars nova - SWR

Recital in the ars nova concert series of the Southwest German Radio (SWR) with works by Heiner Goebbels, Iannis Xenakis, Samir Odeh-Tamimi and Eres Holz. Premiere of  new piece written by Vassos Nicolaou.


Alte Spohnhalle in Ravensburg, Germany






December 12th at 20:00

Christmas concert together with Mädchenchor Hannover

Premiere of cantata for girls choir and brass quintet by composer Marcus Aydintan 

Marktkirche Hannover

Hannover, Germany 


December 11th at 20:00

Christmas concert together with Mädchenchor Hannover

Same program as December 11th.

Marktkirche Hannover

Hannover, Germany 


June 15th at 19:00


Schwerpunkt’s tubist Janne Jakobsson takes centre stage in an evening based on Fritz Lang’s film The Spiders (Die Spinnen) accompanied by the Orchestra of the Bavarian Police Force.

Carl-Orff-Saal, Kulturzentrum am Gasteig  

Rosenheimerstr. 5



June 14th at 19:00


Ensemble Schwerpunkt in distilled and unadulterated form. Programme to include world premiere by Michael Weiss and other works by Pascal Dusapin and Bill Dougherty. 

Black Box, Gasteig München  



June 13th at 18:00


Matthew Sadler is the soloist in Richard Ayres' NONcerto for trumpet accompanied by the newly formed Bavarian youth ensemble for new music, JU[MB]LE.

Black Box, Gasteig München 



June 12th at 20:30


Members of Ensemble Schwerpunkt, Matthew Brown and Cecilie Hoel, join a larger ensemble for the Festival’s third concert.  The theme is western (in particular German) music’s longstanding relationship to literature.

Allerheiligen Hofkirche  



 June 9th at 19:00

Wurzel 1: KURTÁG

Schwerpunkt’s trombonist, Mikael Rudolfsson, performs György Kurtág’s 6 Pieces for Trombone and Piano, accompanied by Moritz Eggert in the Festival’s opening concert honouring the Hungarian composer.

Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste

This concert will be broadcast by the Bayerischer Rundfunk



June 9th-15th 

Concerts and appearances at the aDevantgarde-festival in Munich, Germany


April 18th at 20:00

Karlheinz Stockhausen was one of a handful of composers who invented their own religion through music. Schwerpunkt performs his Michael’s Greeting as part of the extraordinary Hildesheim Bishopric’s 1200 year old celebrations.

Hannover, Germany  (info)


March 16th at 19:00


Schwerpunkt opens their residency of this year’s aDevantgarde Festival in Munich with a Preview Concert at the Akademie der Schönen Künste. To celebrate the 50th Birthday of festival founder, Moritz Eggert, Schwerpunkt will perform Morphing for Quintet and Accordion. 

In collaboration with the Bavarian Akademie der Schönen Künste.

Entry free.   (info)


January 11th at 11:30

New Year's Concert with the Mädchenchor Hannover

(Traditional repertoire and two pieces by Marcus Aydintan)
Staatsoper Hannover

Hannover, Germany (info)



December 5th at 20:00

Christmas concert together with Mädchenchor Hannover

Marktkirche Hannover

Hannover, Germany (info)


December 6th at 20:00

Christmas concert together with Mädchenchor Hannover

Marktkirche Hannover

Hannover, Germany  (info)


November 27th at 19:30

Concert, Deutschlandfunk

Richard Jakoby Saal

Hannover, Germany  (info)


November 29th at 20:00

Concert with works by Mason, Holz, Barber, Hartikainen and others

Podium Worpswede

Worpswede, Germany  (info)


November 25th at 20:30

Concert, Unerhörte Musik

Premiere of Eres Holz's "Vier Schatten"
Berlin, Germany  (info)


2014-07-18 19:00

Appearance at the Musik21-Festival "Land-Art"

Premiere of Marcus Aydintan's "Relief
Springhornhof Neuenkirchen (bei Soltau) 


2014-06-22 18:00

Concert with University Choir of Hamburg (dir: Thomas Posth)

Hauptkirche St. Katharinen, 
Katharinenkirchhof 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany


2014-06-10 19:30


Grosser Saal, Hochschule für Musik Basel
Leonhardsstrasse 6, CH-4003 Basel, Switzerland


2014-05-30 16:30

Recital at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover

Richard Jakoby Saal, Hannover, Germany


2014-04-05 10:00

Concert, Deutschlandfunk - Forum neue Musik 

Deutschlandfunk, Cologne, Germany


2014-04-04 20:00

Concert, Deutschlandfunk - Forum neue Musik 

Deutschlandfunk, Kammermusiksaal, Cologne, Germany




Concert in Casino Zollverein in Essen, Germany


2013-11-10 18:00

Concert in Lukaskirche in Hildesheim, Germany


2013-11-08 19:00

Concert at Pirkanmaan Musiikkiopisto, Tampere, Finland


2013-11-07 19:00

Concert in Närpes, Finland


2013-11-06 19:00

Concert at the Sibelius Museum, Turku, Finland


2013-11-05 19:00

Concert with Korvat Auki, Helsinki, Finland

(Premiere of Jarkko Hartikainen's "Radix" for Brass Quintet")
Schwerpunkt Re-Rooted: a tour of Finland featuring the world premiere of Jarkko Harikainen's Radix for Brass Qunintet



Concert: "Developments in Luzern"

Lichthof, Regierungsgebäude Luzern, Switzerland 



Appearance at the Musik 21 Niedersachsen festival "Ohr und Auge"

Hannover, Germany 


2013-04-27 15:00

Concert in Weisser Saal in Musikerwohnhaus, Basel, Switzerland



Composers workshop - Musikhochschule Luzern



Concert with Mike Svoboda as soloist, performing Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Tierkreis". Elisabethenkirche, Basel, Switzerland




Appearance at "Niedersachsen in Europa" in Niedersächsischer Landtag, Hannover, Germany



Prize-winners concert of the VIII. International Jan Koetsier Competition



Concert in Klaus Linder-Saal in Basel, Switzwerland



Concert at Badiamusica in Süd Tirol, Italy



Concert at Wurzer Sommerkonzerte in Wurz, Germany



Concert at Villa Poggiano in Montepulciano, Italy



Appearance with Mike Svoboda at the IPV-Symposium in Hannover, Germany 



Appearance at the opening concert of the IPV-Symposium in Hannover, Germany 




Concert at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany



Appearance and direct broadcast on NDR Kultur in the Richard Jakoby Saal in Hannover, Germany  



Prize winners' concert of the Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Wettbwerb at Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany



Concert in the Johanneskirche, Völksen, Germany




Concert at the Kammermusiksaal Plathnerstrasse in Hannover, Germany



Appearance at the Musik 21 Festival "Linien" - The Art of Metal in Goslar, Germany



Appearance at the Musik 21 Festival "Linien" - The Art of Metal in Goslar, Germany



Appearance at the Musik 21 Festival "Linien" - The Art of Metal in Goslar, Germany



Concert in the Södra Latin Auditorium, Stockholm, Sweden



Concert at the LjudOLjud Festival in Stockholm, Sweden



Concert in Kammermusiksaal Plathnerstrasse in Hannover, Germany



Concert in Kammermusiksaal in HMT-Hannover, Germany 




Concert in the Richard Jakoby Saal in Hannover, Germany

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